Products and Services

Stamping and Forming Tools

Stamping and forming tools play an important role in the manufacturing process of many products. With shorter product life cycles and demand for shorter time to market for new products, designing and manufacturing of stamping and forming tools becomes more important in the manufacturing industry.

The choice of metal stamping materials used depends on the desired attributes of the finished piece. Ranging from simple stamping items, such as metal clips, springs, weights, washers, and brackets to more complex designs, we at Matotech have the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship to design and manufacture the tools you need.

Injection Moulding Tools

Injection mould design engineering and plastic injection tooling processes are designed to produce complex parts and components for all types. The injection mould design process utilises extremely tight tolerances and precision engineering to create components for applications within industrial processes.

We offer different types of injection moulds:​

  • Plastic injection moulds
  • 2 / 3 - components plastic injection moulds
  • Hot / cold runner plastic injection moulds
  • Thin wall moulds
  • PET-moulds
  • Moulds with changeable inserts
  • Chill casting moulds

Fixture and Jigs Construction

Fixtures and jigs increase the productivity of production and assembly processes by eliminating individual marking, positioning and frequent checking.

The main advantages using fixtures and jigs are:

  • Productivity
  • Interchnageability and quality
  • Skill reduction
  • Cost reduction

We at Matotech are specilalised to design and manufacture fixtures and jigs according to your needs.

Maintenance and Repair

More complex moulds have created a need for more complex maintenance and repair operations.

Why is mould maintencance so important?

The condition of a mould affects the quality of the parts produced from it. Performing necessary preventative maintenance will prolong mould life and guarantee parts quality thus ensuring production schedules are not interrupted.

Our dedicated and skilled workforce will dissasemble, throubleshoot, repair, and clean your moulds resulting in reduced scrap rates and downtime, improved part quality and reliability in your production processes.

Design and Construction

Design of moulds and their various components represents a highly technical and often complex process. Important features determine how to design moulds are:

  • Number of cavities
  • Type of mould (i.e.number of plates)
  • Type of runner system
  • Type of gate
  • Ways of de-gating
  • Surface finishing
  • Application of robotics
  • Estimated shot time

Starting from the engineering drawing of the new product, our engineers develop and realise tailor made moulds, tools and jigs for our customers using the latest 2D / 3D CAD CAM software. We make sure that your project will become a success!